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Spiritual Gifts Inventory

The following Spiritual Gifts Inventory has been developed to help and encourage you to know and use your God-given gifts for performing the ministry of Jesus Christ. This inventory will help you to understand your strengths in ministry based on the seventeen special gifts of the Spirit alluded to in the New Testament.

Important: Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or think you ought to be. How true are these statements of you? To what degree do these statements reflect your usual tendencies?

Interpreting Your Scores

God is very generous in distributing spiritual gifts. Most of us have several gifts that we can employ in Christian service. To get a picture of your unique gift-mix, use the guide below:

Primary Gifts
These are the gifts you have indicated that you use most consistently.
Secondary Gifts
There is usually a cluster of gifts on which you score relatively high, but not as high as your primary gifts. These are the gifts that your inventory shows you use fairly often.
Developing Gifts
Finally, there are some gifts that God may be developing in you. They may not score high on the inventory, but you may feel drawn to them or sense that they are emerging in your Christian life. These are your developing gifts.

The questions, accompanying text, and evaluation methodology are adapted from, and used with the permission of the authors of, Your Calling as a Deacon by Gary Straub and James Trader II (St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press, 2005), pp. 73-86.

Question 1 of 85

I have experienced great pleasure in carrying out the details of an assignment.

Question 2 of 85

I enjoy helping people, especially those who cannot help themselves.

Question 3 of 85

I share my possessions with persons who need them more than I do.

Question 4 of 85

I have felt a strong desire to share God’s good news with others.

Question 5 of 85

The idea of standing in front of groups of people and sharing my ideas with them is very appealing to me.

Question 6 of 85

I have experienced the privilege of comforting persons who are experiencing hurt.

Question 7 of 85

I enjoy talking to others about my experience with Christ.

Question 8 of 85

I can often see the consequences of actions.

Question 9 of 85

I have a special sense of knowing when others need my prayer.

Question 10 of 85

I find myself compelled to help someone I know is in need.

Question 11 of 85

Preparing food for visitors and guests who enter my home is a great joy to me.

Question 12 of 85

I enjoy sharing the things that I have experienced in an effort to help others not make the same mistakes I have made.

Question 13 of 85

I am generally more comfortable with ideas than I am with people.

Question 14 of 85

Understanding the motives behind another person’s action is important to me.

Question 15 of 85

I feel that I can trust God to do extraordinary things in my life and have experienced God’s doing so.

Question 16 of 85

People in organizations and groups appreciate my opinions and often follow my suggestions.

Question 17 of 85

I enjoy working with and spiritually caring for groups of persons.

Question 18 of 85

Working with ideas, paper, and pencils is much more exciting to me than working with my hands.

Question 19 of 85

I see myself as a servant to others.

Question 20 of 85

I enjoy giving money for causes I feel are important.

Question 21 of 85

I have sensed God’s calling me to share my faith with others.

Question 22 of 85

When I have questions, it is difficult for me to rest until I find the answers.

Question 23 of 85

Helping others to know that they are important to the church and that their efforts are appreciated is very important to me.

Question 24 of 85

Sharing what Christ has done for me personally is very important to me.

Question 25 of 85

I can see consequences of actions, and I communicate them publicly.

Question 26 of 85

When I hear requests for prayer, I eagerly and immediately begin to pray.

Question 27 of 85

Ministering to the sick and bereaved is very gratifying to me.

Question 28 of 85

I enjoy being host or hostess for persons I do not know.

Question 29 of 85

My guiding other persons in terms of difficulty and stress has often proven helpful to them.

Question 30 of 85

I feel very comfortable discussing important spiritual issues and their relevancy to my life.

Question 31 of 85

It is not difficult for me to determine if someone is doing something for the good of the whole church or out of a desire to help themselves.

Question 32 of 85

Responding to God’s call no matter what the consequences is a way of life to me.

Question 33 of 85

Groups elect or appoint me to leadership positions involving decision making.

Question 34 of 85

I enjoy helping people grow spiritually.

Question 35 of 85

Determining priorities and organizing resources to meet those priorities are things I enjoy doing.

Question 36 of 85

Showing people that I am concerned about them is a basic part of my lifestyle.

Question 37 of 85

Giving my possessions to others is a real expression of my life commitment.

Question 38 of 85

When confronted with an opportunity to share my faith with other people, I am eager to do so.

Question 39 of 85

Studying books and sharing the knowledge I learn from them are important to me.

Question 40 of 85

Helping persons through rough periods in their lives is important to me.

Question 41 of 85

I am comfortable communicating the simple truths of the biblical message with others.

Question 42 of 85

The ability to see the natural results of something and communicate it is relevant in my life.

Question 43 of 85

I am moved to pray for others, even though I may not know them, and for conditions about which I know very little or nothing at the time.

Question 44 of 85

I enjoy looking for persons with needs and finding ways to help.

Question 45 of 85

I like to open my life to strangers and guests and help them to know that I care.

Question 46 of 85

I feel that I can help clarify the importance of decisions and events, and I try to do so whenever possible.

Question 47 of 85

I am aware of my ability to grasp significant ideas and truths of the biblical message.

Question 48 of 85

I have the ability to decide whether something is good or evil.

Question 49 of 85

I respond to my impressions of what God wants me to do even when under extreme pressure and great opportunity for failure.

Question 50 of 85

I am skilled in setting forth positive and precise steps of action.

Question 51 of 85

People express appreciation for the spiritual help they receive through friendship with me.

Question 52 of 85

Organizing projects and involving other persons in them are exciting to me.

Question 53 of 85

I enjoy helping sick persons on a continuing basis.

Question 54 of 85

Giving my material possessions to others is something I enjoy doing.

Question 55 of 85

I have a deep concern for persons who need to know of God’s unfailing love for them.

Question 56 of 85

I enjoy planning and preparing to lead learning experiences.

Question 57 of 85

Using relational skills in counseling has been an important aspect of my Christian experience.

Question 58 of 85

Helping others understand what it means to be a Christian is one of my major goals in life.

Question 59 of 85

I can see where a decision will lead and share the outcome before it happens.

Question 60 of 85

I pray with confidence because I know God works in response to prayer.

Question 61 of 85

Finding help for persons who are in crises is something I enjoy doing.

Question 62 of 85

I have an ability to put persons at ease very quickly when they enter my home.

Question 63 of 85

I have felt that my ability to share important insights with others has contributed meaningfully to their lives.

Question 64 of 85

Gaining new insights into biblical truth is important to me.

Question 65 of 85

I find myself evaluating the need and/or importance of ministries in the church.

Question 66 of 85

I have been able to understand the importance of moving forward in certain areas of life even when I did not fully realize what the future would hold.

Question 67 of 85

I set goals and manage people and resources effectively to accomplish them.

Question 68 of 85

People often seek my counsel in personal spiritual matters.

Question 69 of 85

The idea of leading a group of persons to achieve a particular purpose is very appealing to me.

Question 70 of 85

Serving the needs of others is very important to me.

Question 71 of 85

The giving of myself to others is one of the exciting experiences of my life.

Question 72 of 85

Being sent by God to share the gospel in places of need is on my mind.

Question 73 of 85

I find myself wishing I had the opportunity to share with others the things I have learned from my study and experiences.

Question 74 of 85

I feel equipped to provide encouragement to persons who need it.

Question 75 of 85

The thought of telling someone else about Christ is my greatest joy.

Question 76 of 85

I have experience in knowing the outcome of a situation before it actually occurs.

Question 77 of 85

I am honored when someone asks me to pray for them.

Question 78 of 85

I like being involved in meeting the physical and material needs of others.

Question 79 of 85

Opening my home to strangers is a good way to make new friends, and I enjoy doing it.

Question 80 of 85

I attempt to share my concerns and insights when the church is considering important actions that will have a great impact on the church’s ministries.

Question 81 of 85

I enjoy the interaction of others when discussing ideas and issues I feel to be important.

Question 82 of 85

I think it is very important to test whether something is potentially good or bad.

Question 83 of 85

I have acted in ways that have shown me that I have ability to perceive what God wants before others have even thought about it.

Question 84 of 85

I am able to cast a vision that others want to be part of.

Question 85 of 85

I enjoy giving guidance and practical support to a small group of people.